April 2019 TAHS Program — How Schools Changed: Traverse City Public: a Case Study by Richard Fidler

Saturday, April 20th at 1pm, in the McGuire room Traverse Area District Library, Main Branch

Local historian Richard Fidler will present on the history of education in Traverse City from 1885 to the present day: instruction, curriculum, tests, the mission of schooling, Title IX, growth of technology, and above all, the influence of the federal and state governments on school practice.

Examining student handbooks, yearbooks, school board records, eighth grade tests from 1919, state education websites, Grand Traverse Normal School records, oral histories, interviews, newspaper articles, and photographs from the Local History collection of the Traverse Area District Library, Richard Fidler will show us what schools used to be—as well as how they became what they are today. Told as a narrative focused on the Traverse City Area Public Schools, this history of education will interest all who care about children, teachers, and schools.

We hope to see you there!

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