TAHS Annual Meeting 2017

Photograph of the Victor Petertyl family meeting Louis Petertyl at the train station on his return from the army. Louis is standing at the left with his back to the camera and Victor is the man in the hat standing in the middle of the photograph, ca. 1917-1919. Image from the Historical Society Collection, Traverse Area District Library.

Join us for our Annual Meeting on Sunday, October 15th! This is your opportunity to talk directly with the Board of Directors, find out what the organization has been up to, and what you can do to help. This is always a fun, informative, and social event for all. Free and open to the public (even for non-members!)

The Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, October 15th, 1-3 p.m., in the McGuire Room at Traverse Area District Library, 610 Woodmere Ave.

The Annual Meeting replaces our monthly speaker series. We will return to our regularly scheduled monthly history meetings on November 19th, 1-3 p.m., when John Brian will speak on the history of Merchant Shipping on the Great Lakes in the Twentieth and Twenty-first centuries. Brian is recently retired from serving over 25 years as a merchant marine deck officer on the Great Lakes.