September 2017 Program: Abraham Lincoln through the Eyes of Political Cartoonists

“The Rail Splitter Repairing the Union” — a political cartoon of Andrew Johnson and Abraham Lincoln from 1865, during the Reconstruction era of the United States (1863–1877).  Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Don’t miss the Traverse Area Historical Society’s September program, Sunday the 17th1pm in the McGuire Room at Traverse Area District Library, 610 Woodmere, Traverse City.

TAHS Board Chair, Stephen Siciliano, will be speaking on “Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency Through the Eyes of the Political Cartoonists of His Day.”  If you think Presidents Trump and Obama have been roughly handled by today’s press, you will be amazed by the treatment of the man who we now see as one of our greatest presidents. Siciliano has a PhD in American History from the College of William Mary, where his area of special study was the Civil War.